Cleaning after repair

Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the renewed and clean house or office.

Now is an exciting moment of the completion of reparation, when everything is completed. But there is one obstacle between you and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the renewed housing or office. This obstacle is cleaning. How to clean an apartment, house or office after the repair, so that this process will take as little time as possible, and at the same time will be efficient? This is one of the most thorough and challenging stages of the apartment/house/office repair is a cleaning.I t’s time to contact a cleaning service where you will be provided with repair professional cleaning services, that means it’s time to contact Fast Clean Bio.

Why you should choose a cleaning company?

If your place is on the fifth, tenth or twentieth floor, it is better to entrust this operation to a professional cleaning company. The doors, frames and window sills must be cleaned with non-aggressive detergents.

There is a specific technique and products for dust removing, If you are not familiar with them there is a risk to damage the surfaces of furniture and floor.

Our services includes:

  • Collection of waste and remnants of construction materials.
  • Cleaning and washing of all the hard surfaces
  • Washing and cleaning of windows and doors.
  • Dust handling.
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Moping and cleaning of floor
  • Carpet washing
  • Wall cleaning