Building cleaning

Keep the building and it environment neat, sparkle and healthy.

Professional building cleaning services will help you save money as it pertains to having to purchase cleaning aids, such as vacuum cleaners, because this equipment is provided by our office building cleaning services company. Time and money will also be saved as their will be no required equipment maintenance or training for employees in the use of certain cleaning equipment and products. By using a professional cleaning service, companies can feel confident in knowing they are getting the best service available.

Building cleaning services provide a variety of tasks to keep businesses or living space looking spotless and neat. We prepare for you a personal checklist according to your needs, demands and space.

What we believe singles us out from our competitors is our hard work and strong management ethic, together with our dedicated, professional and well-trained workforce

Our cleaning services extend to all kinds of Sofia buildings such as:

  • Cleaning and maintanance of Office Buildings
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Living buildings
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Malls
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Museum, theatres
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Ministries
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Town halls
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Hospitals
  • Cleaning and maintanance of Medical centers
  • Cleaning and maintanance ofSchools and Kinder gardens