About us

Fast Clean Bio is a new innovative company for professional bio, eco and standard cleaning. The company was created to provide deep cleaning with care to the environment, human and pets health.

The company was established in the beginning of 2016 and renewed in November 2016, in order to satisfies your needs.

Our services include quality and healthy cleaning of: apartments, houses, offices, commercial, business, administrative and living buildings, schools, kinder gardens etc.

Our advantage is in the effective policies for control and monitoring of the service performance. We strive to reach a long- term success and try to set up a sustainable business in a highly competitive business environment. We understand that in this situation our success depends on quality performance of our services.

In regard to which we encourage the constructive criticism as gathering the feedback about customer satisfaction.  We take the responsibility for our activities and mistakes and strive to correct them in the shortest terms.  

Our strive is to transform the criticism today into our advantage tomorrow.